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The crew is an online game only huge and unique races, above all, an ambitious open world of the absurd proportions should rank among some of the highlights of this year's technical achievements. Size, but has shaken graphics and crew of effects and their problems do not stop there. Generally there is no sound, stack, the economy is stingy, multiplayer community is only loosely connected, and loads too often undermined by some incredibly frustrating AI cheats shamelessly in a misguided attempt to convert the voltage.
What crew gets right is standardized and reduced version of the entire continental United States. Cities shrunken cartoon, but large stretches of land, including the means by which truly captures the spirit of a road trip across the country from town to town better than any game before running. Many racing heal many different backgrounds in the selection of tracks, urban street racing in large metropolitan areas of the US the icy blasts through sweeping mountain snow, output races through the baking desert or muddy missions Giant Forest Sequoia. The admirable crew do all this in a game world can be run through a long period.
This cycle has come at a price, though. It is a world that looks good whipping for you in speed, but favors the absolute size of the type of granular detail expect now in modern corridors open world. Places smattered with recognizable signals, but in fact do not appear to be constructed to withstand the examination quiet. Combined with low detail cars NPC (complete with black glass completely opaque), some indifferent results (splashing of water is particularly serious), timeless, and that the models of 40-or-so cars are in a league below peers like Forza Horizon 2 Drive Club, the crew struggles to shake the look of a game enough years older than they really are.
However, there is a charming daftness species brief ode to the USA .. The version of the crew on the track Laguna Seca in California is hopelessly primitive compared to

The crew you and your friends take on an adventurous journey in a huge, open world recreation in the United States, which is full of exciting challenges.
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Not quite up to:
The Test Drive UnlimitedForza Horizonte 2Driver: San Francisco supplies available at special track for riders like Gran Turismo 6 or Forza Motorsport 5, but is able to run out of it in real time, allow the installation and driving around a space Shuttle Cape Canaveral on the other side of the country within the period has a certain appeal contaminants.
Same Airline crew as an MMO, but it felt very much like a single player experience for my first time through the campaign. There was absolutely other players on the map in my neighborhood, but only rarely seen from near another car, and only twice during the week I was invited to a random stranger to participate in the coop mission. I tried many times to cause myself cooperative missions, but calls again, if not accept, and the timeout did. I found myself throwing solo missions, rather than waiting patiently answer.
I suggest you find some like-minded friends to play co-op story missions, instead of relying on the game to find foreigners willing session, because it feels like the most reliable way to experience co-op crew. It is certainly the most enjoyable way to play, and only a human player must catch the target for all of you to complete the mission. It also means that you have a better chance of emerging victorious against AI often dominate and do missions demolition annoying sometimes much less punishment as it will be up to four of your trying to hit a vehicle off the road.